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Throughout the year, we seek to expand the reach of JEF Malta beyond the University Campus and introduce the European Union to a younger audience, and share our passion for the EU with all students alike. To promote our message, we take part in the international project carried out throughout Europe, called Europe at School. We organise civic sessions in schools to educate students in Malta on European values and democracy. In these sessions, students learn about the functions, structure, and decision-making process of the European Union in a fun and engaging manner. Thus, students learn to be active and informed citizens. In the past years, we have reached over 1000 students by pursuing this project. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have also adapted these sessions wherein civic sessions are given via online platforms. Therefore, in spite of the shortcomings the pandemic brought with it, we have continued to spread our message and educate students on the European Union.  

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