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Europe Day on Campus: European Village


University of Malta

Date & Time:

Tue May 09 2023 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to our annual European Village event, which will be held on the occasion of Europe Day! In collaboration with esteemed entities like the European Parliament Liaison Office (EPLO), European Union Agency For Asylum (EUAA), the Department of Translation, Terminology, Interpreting Studies, the Institute for European Studies and several other university organisations, we are proud to transform the University Quadrangle into a charming and culturally-rich village fair! 🏠🇪🇺

Our market booths are the highlight of the event, with each booth representing a different European country and providing a unique opportunity to explore various European cultures and traditions. From food and beverages to one-of-a-kind souvenirs and artisanal goods, the booths offer a diverse array of cultural and traditional items. 🌍

Our upcoming European Village event is expanding to include additional stalls hosted by various university departments. These stalls aim to promote EU-related courses and initiatives taking place on campus, showcasing the rich and varied academic offerings available at our institution. This is an ideal opportunity to connect with the academic community, network and learn more about the crucial work being done on campus. Furthermore, the inclusion of university department stalls provides an ideal platform to learn more about the research and work being conducted by several faculties on topics related to Europe and the European Union. 📚🎓

We are thrilled to announce the Wall of Thoughts, a space for you to share your feedback and insights by responding to engaging questions related to European culture, history, and current events. The Wall of Thoughts is a unique opportunity to participate in a collaborative mural commemorating Europe Day, where you can express your creativity and leave a lasting impression. Alongside this, it provides an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and others to think critically about European culture, history, and the role of the European Union in shaping our world today. 📣💭

EPLO representatives will also be around to answer your questions and will be handing out European flags and promotional items for all those ready to take a photo with the European flag and tag the EPLO on social media! 🇪🇺

In addition to the above, we are proud to announce that this event is part of Jef Europe's #EURHOPE For the Future Campaign, which is focused on giving light to the 2024 European Elections. 🗳️

We are excited to bring together the cultural and academic aspects of our institution in this unique and engaging event! Join us for an opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of European culture, as well as the academic offerings and research related to the EU at our University. We eagerly await your presence! 🇪🇺🤩

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