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JEF Malta - Annual General Meeting 2021


University of Malta Lecture Centre

Date & Time:

Sat Jul 10 2021 15:30:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)


The JEF Malta Congress (AGM), is to be held on the 10th of July at 5:30 PM. The venue shall be the University of Malta Lecture Centre.
The provisional agenda shall be as follows :

1. Appointment of chair
2. Reading of 2019 AGM Minutes + Approval.
3. Reading of administrative report + approval
4. Reading of financial report + approval
5. Amendments to statute
6. Presentation of candidates for the Executive board
7. Election of Supervisory and Administrative board
8. Speech from outgoing executive board
9. Speech from incoming President

As provided in the JEF Malta statute, persons who are willing to join JEF Malta are encouraged to consult the Executive Bureau and are encouraged to come to an agreement regarding the various roles which are available within JEF Malta's structures. The new Executive Bureau shall nonetheless be confirmed by the Congress.
Members who are interested to join JEF Malta are to send an email on by not later than 12:00pm on the 8th of July 2021.

Please note that persons attending the event will need to be fully-vaccinated. To confirm your interst, attendees are requested to fill in the google form.

All Covid-19 safety regulations will be adhered to during the event as published by the Health and Safety Department

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