Brexit Day

Yesterday was a painful day for those of us who believe in the European Project. From today millions of our fellow European citizens will no longer hold that title and all around this great continent many will be feeling their loss keenly and fearing what lies ahead.

However we believe that we should not look at this day with despair, but rather make it the day of rebirth within the Union. There is no point ignoring the questions that Brexiteers raised, anger will get us nowhere, we must be galvanised like never before to fight for reform within this Union, to address our faults and flaws and make the case for our shared future. And to our friends who will pay the cost for this reckless action, our thoughts are with you today. More than two thirds of youths in the United Kingdom voted to remain in the EU, and we have every faith that this generation will see our brothers and sisters return to the European family.

Until then, it is up to us to prove them right and make sure that the Union they return to is better than the one they left. UK, we'll leave a light on. #AlwaysUnited#BrexitYoung European Movement UK

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