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Celebrating International Youth Day

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Every 12th of August we celebrate International Youth Day— a reminder of our steadfast commitment towards giving European youth all the opportunities they deserve to shape the future of our Union. The objective of this day is to raise awareness about the many barriers that young persons still are facing, some more than others. This year’s International Youth Day is more special than others as this year we are celebrating the European Year of Youth!

This sheds light on the importance of European youth within the framework of build a better future— i.e. a more greener, inclusive and digital Union. With plenty of opportunities to learn, share your vision, make your voice heard, meet people and engage in activities all over Europe, the European Year of Youth is the moment to move forward with confidence and hope in a post-pandemic perspective.

As Young European Federalists, we wish to live in, and help to shape, a peaceful, democratic, diverse, accessible and public-oriented, Europe. A shared European future is only possible if we strive for a democratic and untied European community. JEF Malta upholds such values including diversity, democracy and tolerance. JEF Malta’s principal goals are to promote European affairs and bring Europe closer to young people while bridging the gap between policy makers and youths in Malta. All of our work is framed within the context of campaigning for a more united and democratic Europe. We believe that our future lies within a more integrated Europe which is closer to its citizens.

Europe is all-encompassing to us— with our generation being able to unconditionally enjoy the benefits of European Union membership. For this European Year of Youth, and on the occasion of the International Youth Day, on behalf of JEF Malta I would like to send a message for a Europe that will be united, sustainable, democratic and accessible to all. The EU Year of Youth is important to all of us as it acknowledges young people and our very crucial role within the European context, while giving us plenty of opportunities to raise our voices and hopes for our Union.


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