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Statement on European Parliament Vote on Transnational Lists

On the 3rd May, the European Parliament voted in favour of a historical reform to EU electoral law, which would introduce EU-wide transnational lists and increase the visibility of European political parties. These transnational lists represent a bold step towards forging a truly pan-European election, by bridging the gap between EU political parties and citizens in all Member States. Under this reform, every voter will receive two votes; one to elect MEPs in their national constituency and another in an EU-wide constituency.

JEF Malta wishes to express our support for this reform. Allowing citizens to vote directly for European political parties gives voters the opportunity to increase their involvement in European politics and may heighten their say in who will be chosen as the President of the European Commission. This reform will bring democracy closer to the everyday citizen, while encouraging trust in the institutions. It allows for EU-wide debates and campaigning, which will help voters make more informed and secure decisions. Now that the motion has passed, we look forward to the discussion that will take place between the 27 Member States in the Council and we hope that they too will make the decision to solidify the notion of pan-European democracy.


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