Statement on Roberta Mestola's Candidature for President of the EP

JEF Malta wishes to congratulate MEP Roberta Mestola for being chosen as the European People’s Party candidate for the European Parliament Presidency. The nomination is particularly significant as Metsola becomes the first female candidate by the EPP and the first candidate from a small member state. If elected, Metsola will also become the youngest President in the history of the European Parliament and the second woman to hold the position. Metsola made history last year when she was elected as the first Vice-President of the European Parliament, which is the most senior role held by a Maltese MEP in a European institution. If she is elected in January, Metsola will once again make history for the most senior role held by a Maltese MEP.

The nomination is particularly important for small Member States and serves as an inspiration for those wishing to pursue a career within EU institutions. We hope to see the European project and European citizens, especially those from small Member States, being further represented under her potential Presidency.

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