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Your Voice, Your Europe

In preparation for next June’s European Elections, local European youth NGO JEF Malta is undertaking a campaign entitled ‘Your Voice, Your Europe’, which is funded by the European Union. JEF Malta is a non-partisan political movement, which lobbies and campaigns for a Federal United Democratic Europe based on the values of tolerance, peace, democracy, social justice, the rule of law and respect for Human Rights. Having maintained a 4-day strong presence at KSU’s Freshers’ Week at the University of Malta, JEF Malta, also known as Żgħażagħ Federalisti Ewropej, had the opportunity to talk to the student-base about all things Europe. They are now launching this campaign which intends to inform and raise awareness among European citizens about the European parliamentary elections with the aim of increasing understanding of this institution and in the process, encouraging them to take part and vote.

The European Parliamentary Elections, which will be taking place in Malta on the 8th of June, 2024, elect a total of 6 Maltese representatives to the European Parliament. These 6 representatives are of significance as they allow our country to have a say and input into the legislation that ultimately, directly affects our lives. Therefore it is of great importance that all Maltese citizens do their civic duty and vote to ensure that the best people for the job are elected into power. Voting in these elections also acts as a show of support for the European Union – both by affirming the national decision taken in 2004 and through the co-operation among member states enabled by the European Parliament.

JEF Malta will be organising several events throughout the campaign – including debates and discussions which help to bridge the gap between youths and MEP candidates, and providing youths with the opportunity to learn more about their important role as voters in the upcoming election.. Further to this, JEF Malta will be organising a Public Speaking Workshop. This is important as public speaking is a necessary tool for one to properly be able to convey their thoughts and engage in political dialogue. This workshop will be delivered by the JEF Malta Executive Board in collaboration with a public speaking trainer. As is tradition, JEF Malta will also organise a European Village on the University Quadrangle during the week of Europe Day. This ‘village’ brings together multiple student organisations, NGO’s, academics as well as the European Parliament Liasion Office. For the purpose of the campaign, JEF will be setting up an informational stand at this event which will provide attendants with the opportunity to engage and discuss topics related to EU policies, the European Parliament and the European Parliamentary Elections in June 2024. There will also be a ‘Wall of Thoughts’, made sustainably, where attendees are invited to write their thoughts vis-à-vis the European Parliament with particular focus on the elections; and a quiz regarding the European Parliament and the mechanism of directly elected representatives.

Furthermore, JEF Malta will be visiting schools across Malta and Gozo as part of its ‘Europe at School’ initiative where non-formal workshops will take place for 15-16 year olds for whom this election will be their first time voting. This will aim to inform them of their civic responsibilities and of the institution and the representatives that they will be voting for. To enhance public dialogue, gauge public interest as well as to educate, vox-pops will be held across 4 locations – the University of Malta Campus, Junior College, Victoria, Gozo, and Valletta.

This campaign is held in full collaboration with the European Parliament and its Liasion Office in Malta. This project will run up until the European Parliamentary Elections. This election season - make your voice heard and participate in this democratic process. Vote.


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